Thursday, 1 December 2011

My Favourite Blogs from November 2011


Defining Testing – John Stevenson

Is QUALITY all about customer’s need and satisfaction? – Prabath Nayak

Black Box Software Testing – Bug Advocacy – Chris Chartier

Priority – Nolan MacaFee

Rethinking the Role of Testers in Agile and Structured Projects –Paul Gerrard

The Two Sides of Testing – Elisabeth Hendrickson

Software Testing is Dead– Software Testing Magazine

Ten tests for software applications in the cloud – Nari Kannan


Observations from EuroSTAR 2011: Looking to the Future – Stephen Hill

North West Tester Gathering: Musings from further north – Darren McMillan


Using the Agile Testing Quadrants – Lisa Crispin

The Quadrant Can Look Like Waterfall – Frank Cohen

Dan North at Oredev: Embrace Uncertainty – Gojko Adzic

Virtual Panel: Specification by Example, Executable Specifications, Scenarios and Feature Injection - Jon Arild Tørresdal

The 5 whys: Another attempt – Mark Needham

Playing Agile games at Agile Coach Camp US – Lisa Crispin

Virtual Panel: Specification by Example, Executable Specifications, Scenarios and Feature Injection - Jon Arild Tørresdal  

Specification By Example - Martin Fowler

Evolution of tools for Requirements and Behavior Driven Development – Paul Gerrard

Behavior-Driven Development for Ruby on Rails – Software Testing Magazine

How Mature Is Your Continuous Integration? – James Betteley

Successful Agile Planning: An Iteration How-to - Project Management Planet

Business Value Game – Agile Belgium

Is it Time to Stop Estimating User Stories? – Todd Charron

Is Velocity Killing Agile? – Michael Floyd



The Big Exploratory Testing Rolling Strategy Dice – Shmuel Gershon

Agile Manifesto interpretations: The importance of individuals and interactions – Yvette Francino

Notes from SWET3 – Rikard Edgren

Exploratory Testing - collected stuff  - James Lindsay



From the mailbox: selecting test automation tools – Elisabeth Hendrickson


You don’t want to do ‘Penetration’ Testing, probably – Mark Crowther

Magazines and Videos

GTAC Videos Now Available – James Whittaker

Professional Tester December Issue

Testing Circus –November Issue

Tea Time with Testers – November Issue


Sleepwalking into failure – Adam Knight

Dan North at Oredev: Embrace Uncertainty – Gojko Adzic

Looking back on 2011 – Dan North

6 Web Hosting Tools for Analyse Web Servers Smashing Hub

10 Free Networking Monitoring Tools Smashing Hub

10 things that define a true professional – Alan Norton

Friday, 4 November 2011

MY Favourite Blogpost of October 2011


Experience Report: BWST 3 - Parimala Shankaraiah

Cheat Sheet: Everything you wanted to know about web performance but were afraid to ask – Web Performance Today

The 25 best new web performance links of Q3– Web Performance Today

Why performance can’t be guaranteed – Jason B

Bringing information back into IT – Thomas Ponnet

Software Testing Storytelling - Rikard Edgren

Pull reporting and Push reporting – Ben Kelly

Improved grid, attachments to steps, fast filters and more – PractiTest

How to performance test a rails app as part of the continuous integration build cycle? – Stackoverflow

What are Your Web Performance Pains? - Stephen Pierzchala

No Black Swans Or Always Expect the Unexpected – Pete Whalen

Introduction to Java integration testing for a RESTful API – Coding and Testing Stuff

Quality Stands Out – Claire Moss


Database Testing with PHPUnit and MySQL – Methew Turland

Performance Testing in Agile – Scott Barber

Testing the Limits With Michael Bolton – Part I – uTest

Should Testers Play Planning Poker? – Michel Bolton

Why do software test teams get a bad name? – Stuart Taylor

Recording, Reporting and Storing – Nolan MacFee

Beyond scripts – transcripts – Aaron Hodder




Thoughts on German Agile Testing and Exploratory Workshop – Eusebiu Blindu

Individuals and Interactions are Important, but so are Processes and Tools – Craig Smith


Obsolete Tools – Stuart Taylor

You can’t be Agile in Maintenance? – Mitchell Pronschinske

Agile is at a crossroad: Scale or fail? – Chis Matts and Olav Maassen


The right Sprint Length – Paulo Caroli and Ralph Jocham

Known vs Unknow – Christopher R Goldbury

Interview and Book Review: Specification by Example – Shane Hastie

Software development: Benefits of pairing programmers with non-programmers –Lanette Creamer

Performance testing in the Agile enterprise – Scott Barber

Checking Alignment – Elisabeth Hendrickson

PECK, PECK, PECK – Esther Derby

The tester’s role on an Agile team – Robert Walsh

Agile testing games at STPCon with Lanette Creamer – Yvette Francino

Learning Behavior Driven Development – Larry Franks

Functional Fest Tools Comparison  - Agile Alliance

Examining the Roots of Agile – Sutoshi Kuroiwa et al

Retrospective Fortune Cookies – Lisa Crispin


Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing – Wade Wachs


Running your first Selenium test without the IDE – Dave Hunt

Executable Specifications using FitNesse and Selenium – Dawn Cannan

Automated Web Testing with Selenium IDE - Eli Weinstock-Herman (tarwn)


Mobile Attacks and Defense – Charlie Miller


Top 10 Automation Tips from STP Online Summit – Scott Barber

Test automation and Continuous Delivery – Ranjan D Sakalley

Is your application ready for test automation? -Test Magazine


Magazines and books

Agile Record – October Issue

Getting started with Kanban – Paul Klipp

Tea Time with Testers – October Issue

Test Magazine – November Issue


The death of quality – Trish Khoo

An Exercise in Task Prioritization Or Where Has Pete Been? – Pete Whalen

Jez Humble on Continuous Delivery – Michael Floyd

A Problem Halved - using a cheet sheet to share product test heuristics – Adam Knight

Quality Is Undead Claire Moss

Comprehensive Review Of Usability And User Experience Testing Tools – Cameron Chapman

23 Tools and Resources for Great Wireframes  - Teylor Feliz