Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Compilation of Resources from CAST 2012 Conference


Observational Proficiency: How Sharpening Your everday Awareness Makes a Better Tester - Illari Henrik Aegerter
What we testers 'know' by accident: An introduction to the Gettier Problem - Thomas Vaniotis
How to Make'em Read Books - Illari Henrik Aegerter
A Transpection Session Between Thinking Testers - Chris Blain and Ben Kelly
CAST 2012 Keynote - Re-Thinking Management...Re-thinking IT - Tripp Babbitt
Get the Balance Right: ATDD, GUI Automation and Exploratory Testing - Michael Larsen
Message about Summer Camp Programme via AST - Michael Larsen
Computers r Causal-Let's Rename them Causers - Scott Allman
Pair Testing in Sessions - Liz Marley, Steve Sandvik & Kristina Sontag
Enforced Randomization - Increasing the value of automation - Anand Ramdeo
Talking about Testing in a Friendly Environment - Tony Bruce
SummerQAmp and AST EdSIG - Michael Larsen
Big Visible Testing - Claire Moss
Get the Balance Right: ATDD, GUI Automation and Exploratory Testing - Michael Larsen
TheAstVideos's channel - CAST 2012
CAST 2012 Keynote - The Thinking Tester, Evolved - Elisabeth Hendrickson
Christin Wiedemann on "CAST Live" - Science and Testing - Christin Wiedemann
Cast Live - Scott Barber
How testers think - Iain McCowatton
Robots, Heuristics, and Oracles - Nancy Kelln
Myth Busting for Testers - Bill Mathews
Messy Integration Testing - Pete Walen
Applying Military Concepts to Testing to Help Cope With Change and be a Better Leader - Benjamin Yaroch
AST Grant Program - Matt HeusserImages
Lightening talk-What I Learned at Test Coach Camp - Mohinder Khosla
Other Images - Mohinder Khosla


The Thinking Tester Evolved - Elisabeth Hendrickson
The Testing Dead - Benjamin Kelley
Big Visible Testing - Claire Moss
Software Metrics:Threats to Validity - Cem Kaner


SHORT NOTES FROM TEST COACH CAMP 2012 - Christin Wiedemann
CAST 2012: The Meta Stuff - Liz Marley
What I learned at Test Coach Camp 2012 - Markus Gärtner
Should testers know how to code? - Ian Rose
What I learned at Test Coach Camp 2012 - Sigurdur Birgisson

CAST 2012: My session notes  - Sigurdur Birgisson 
Report from CAST 2012 - JOHAN JONASSON
CAST 2012 Enforced Randomization - Increasing the value of test automation - Anand Ramdeo
Favorite moments from TCC and CAST - Claire Moss
CAST 2012 recap - Justin Rohrman
CAST 2012, or CASTing Through the Computer Screen-Pete Walen
15 controversial testing tweets from #CAST2012 - Matt Archer

CAST 2012 Reflections - Dough Hoffman
Trends in Software Testing: A Report from the CAST 2012 Conference - Matt Heusser

Saturday, 7 July 2012

My July Blog Selections


Getting Testing Involved - Dennis Stevens
Testing in Scrum – We still love the testers - Ilan Goldstein
Behaviour Driven Testing: BDT - Savita Munde
Enhancing Testing Skills By Playing Games - Jeff Nyman
How to rid the world of all bugs - Aleksis Tulonen
Hexagonal Architecture For Testers: Part 1-David NIsbet
SHORT NOTES FROM TEST COACH CAMP 2012 - Christin Wiedemann
Doctor, Doctor - Iain McCowatt
Testing Mnemonics as a Card Deck - Karen Johnson

Challenges with Communicating Models - Simon Morley
Challenges with Communicating Models II - Simon Morley
Why that production bug might be the best thing that ever happened to your testing - Amy Phillips
FEW HICCUPPS - Michael Bolton
SBTM vs QC - Simon Knight
Software Testing Models Freemind Mind map - John Stevenson
CAST 2012, or CASTing Through the Computer Screen - Pete Walen
PL/SQL Unit Testing with DBUnit - Nick Giles
Initial thoughts on group testing - Martin Johansson
Putting your Testability Socks On - Adam Knight
Five Ways to Make Test Automation Fail- Laura Salazar

The Testing Quadrants – We got it wrong!- Markus Gärtner
Fixing a Bug is Like Catching a Fish - Jim Bird
Exterminating Heisenbugs - Victor Grazi
Tackling real-world unit testing problems - Gil Zilberfeld 


Writing Automated Acceptance Tests with Spec Flow - Mustafa Saeed Haji Ali
Examples in the large - Liz Keogh
Code-to-Test Ratios, TDD and BDD - Manuel Pais
Retrospectives: A Bit of Ceremony Can Be Useful- Aino Corry
Using Firebug to Improve your Web Design Skills - Developer Drive
Creating a Test Lab for Mobile Apps Testing – Part 3 - Jonathan Kohl
Mobile App Security Techniques and Traps - Graham Lee
Reporting a mobile defect - Karen Johnson
Three Keys to Mobile Application Design – Part 3 Gaming and Entertainment- Jonathan Kohl
Tired of sitting in the office when it’s sunny outside? I can offer you another software testing way!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Fortnightly Blog Selection from June-Part 2


Basic training for software testers must change - Huib Schoots
A Testers Hierarchy of Needs - Stephen Janaway
Bugs are a Signal - Bob Marshall
Two problems with context-driven testing - Markus Gärtner


Acceptance Test Driven Development - Urs Enzler
DevOps as an Agile practice: Delivering quality - Lisa Crispin


Capture a Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver - Corey Goldberg


Creating a Test Lab for Mobile Apps Testing – Part 1 - Jonathan Kohl


Testing for Logout and Browser Cache Management (OWASP-AT-007) - OWASP
Password Storage Cheat Sheet - OWASP


HTML5 Accessibility Chops: notes on using ARIA - Steve Faulkner
Digital accessibility - the commercial realities - Leonie Watson
Open letter to Opera re: Accessibility Support - Steve Faulkner

Videos, Podcasts, Books, Magazines

Busting the BDD myths - Gojko Adzic
Slides & Videos from LDNSE #6 - London selenium Meetup
An Eight-Layer Model For Exploratory Testing - Steve Green
Methods and Tools - June Issue
Tea Time with testers - June Issue
Testing Circus - June Issue
Large Scale Exploratory Testing - James Whittaker


10 things every UI designer should know about end users - TechRepublic
Weinberg on Writing – A Review: David Greenlees
#KWST2 – What a Ride!- David Greenlees
How To Fix The "Leap Second That Ate The Internet" Without Rebooting - acoliver
Shining - Toolkit for Building Awesome presentations in HTML! - AMT