Thursday, 5 August 2010

Extract from my June and July 2010 tweets - Quotes

  •  always going after "low hanging fruit" means hard decisions are being avoided that could move you towards long term goals (via @pedstrom)
  • Tip of the Day:"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it"-Sinclair (via @AgileEthos)
  •  "Never memorize what you can look up in books." ~ Albert Einstein (Universally ignored by interviewers and exam boards) (via @flowchainsensei)
  • Always going after "low hanging fruit" means hard decisions are being avoided that could move you towards long term goals (via @pedstrom )
  • Parkinson's Law: "work expands to fill the time available" (via @agilenature)
  • Murphy's law: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" (via agilenature)
  • This month’s Jobs Campaign please RT: Be Brave and Help at least one Person secure a job
  •  Learnt a thing or two about naked objects last night and now given a book on Domain-Driven Design using naked-object to read 
    ·         Presentation on RRRAD by Dan Haywood: Learnt about DDD and naked objects.
    ·         Just added myself to the twitter directory!
    ·         Just used to put my Twitter followers on my Twitter background. Check it out!
    ·         Testing is fun and challenging so never think that u have not much to contribute, little value in doing it or not stretching u enough #dttip
    ·         If you think green good test design is achievable. Pattern recognition is the key to good design.
    ·         I am no ordinary Tester, I am a Smart Tester, I am The Testing Planet tester
    ·         My dad kept a #tester handy so do I. You’ld carry 1to remind urself to be a proud tester.
    ·         Bugs have emotions and react the way they do, have bugs for company and happy when not disturbed but they bug the testers.
    ·         @wallybock: Leadership Quote: "Learning is not wisdom. Information does not guarantee good judgment." ~John Dewey (via @michaelrhopkin )

Extract from my June and July 2010 tweets - Webinars, Conferences, Symposium and Podcasts


·         Scaling Agile in 7 Smooth Steps 27 July register @
·         Performance Testing Value Propositions @
·         5 part webinar series on Best Practices for Planning your Automated Test Effort.Part 1 @


 ·   Hosting seminar on RRRADDD: Really Ridiculously Rapid Application Development (Domain-Driven) tonight at BCS London
·         will be attending launch of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g in London, on 7th July
·         BCS SPA presenting talk on Domain-Driven Rapid Application Development 8 Jul,2010 18:30 PM. Details @
·         Lean & Kanban 2010 Europe, September 23-24 2010, Antwerp, Belgium (via @agiledeveloper)
·         will be attending Oracle Database Infrastructure Technology Day in London on 22 Jun followed by drinks reception

  • Listen to Podcast: Web testing practices to enable Agile software delivery
  • Nice source of testing podcasts - lots of learning here! (via  @lisacrispin)
  • @testingpodcast: Sounds good Software Engineering Radio Episode 164:Agile Testing with @lisacrispin (via @lisacrispin)

Extract from my June and July 2010 tweets -General

·         If you discover a fire, DO NOT USE TWITTER (via @IlIlIIlIlIlIlII)
·         @lisacrispin Big Link " Women in computing: first, get the problem right" by mswatcher (via @DZone)
·         TWST with @nkelln. Watch this funny movie created by Paul Holland: (via @lynn_mckee)
·         Handy Link "How to Create a Web Service in a Matter of Minutes" by mswatcher  (via@DZone)
·         @lisacrispin Big Link "Wordpress 3 and What You Can Do!" by lamnguyen
(via @DZone)
·         My novel First Stringers is now available: Sample pages are available to read @ (via @JerryWeinberg)
·         News:  Microsoft Puts Facebook into Your Outlook (via @StickyMinds)
·         How to Strengthen #Relationships by helping people get to know each other better. @stickyminds (via @NaomiKarten)
·         Interesting survey reported. Developers Still the Most In-Demand IT Workers (via @DZone)
·         Testers think bugs are easy targets and not hard to discover. Don’t forget bugs can camouflage and require ingenuity to hunt them down #dttp
·         Interesting post: Feedback is the Key! (via @DZone) 

Extract from my June and July 2010 tweets - Agile, Kanban, Scrum

  • Agile Testing (A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams) book by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory reviewed  @
  • Agile Experience With Kent McDonald:Using Goals to Prioritize product backlog
  • Ten Weaknesses of the Agile Methodology (via @sara_broca)
  • Interesting article on Agile testing between theory and practice (Agile Record Mag)
  • @esconfs just saw an article on Agile guerilla series "Show (Don't Tell), Persuade (Don't Preach)" @
  • Interesting post: Kanban for Video Game Development #kanban
  • Interesting blog about Agile development and selective implementation of methodologies
  • Nice intro post for Personal Kanban by @janinea (via @ourfounder)
  • Learning together: Kanban and the Twelve Principles of Agile Software by @asplake (via @flowio)
  • Aspects of Kanban by Karl Scotland @ @siraju
  • FREE! Standup tool good for distributed teams. Check it out @
  • 20+ Agile Coaches and Iteration Managers / Scrum Masters needed down under for 6+ months contact Andrew @ (via CITCON)
  • latest presentation from David Anderson on Kanban (via @InfoQ)
  • Agile coach required in Slough initially for 2 weeks (via Linkedin)
  • Integration watch:Agile evolves from XP to lean
  • @mfloryan Fresh from scrum trng  u may be interested in the Post...  Awesome Scrum Intro Video (via @mcottmeyer)
  • @DianaOfPortland: Commented on...RT @mlevison: Great Article from @rwbrown: Adventures in Accelerated Learning http://twurl.n... (via @lisacrispin)
  • Message from Jean Tabaka-Interesting Post...  “Dear Agile”– A Love Letter (via @mcottmeyer)
  •  just took a nice little "How Agile Are You" survey from @scottwambler Plz spread it around (via @JonKernPA)
  • Little blog post (first for a long while!) - What not to test: From @tastapod's latest brainchild... watch this space! (via @lunivore )
  • Presentation:Risk, Lean Development & Profit: Getting Back to Basics (via @InfoQ)
  • Article:Book Excerpt: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkin (via @InfoQ)

Extract from my June and July 2010 tweets - Testing