Thursday, 2 August 2012

My August Blog Selections


Testing with your programmer - Ann Flismark
Braiding The Stories (Test Reporting Part 2) - Michael Bolton
Monitoring Test Execution: Bug Advocacy and Finding the Right Test Metrics - Michael Kelly
Bugs Spread Disease -Elisabeth Hendrickson
Hexagonal Architecture For Testers: Part 2 - Duncan Nisbet
A Software Tester’s Bookstore - Joris Meerts
Testing Chain of Inference: A Model - Simon Morley
When to Use Test Automation (and when not to) - Mike Brown
Learning from the frustration of test case debates - Brian Osman
Why Tester needs to ask questions? - Mind Hunters
Every Tester needs to be an Agile Tester-  Joel Montvelisky
Pivotal Tracker for SBTM - Michael Kelly
What You Don't Know About AB Testing - Duke Galea
The Problem with TheApp - Alan Page
A Brave New World of Testing? An Interview with Google's James Whittaker - Forrest Shull
Fixing Bugs: Why are Some Bugs Harder to Fix than Others - Jim Bird
MindMap: WHAT is Exploratory Testing and HOW is it managed? - Carl-Johan Fryxell
Putting a Price on Testing, Part 2 - Iain McCowatt
Exploratory Regression Testing - Robert Lambert
Driving Efficiency and Effectiveness with Web Analytics and Risked-based Testing - StickyMinds
Fixing Bugs: The Ones That Can't be Reproduced - Jim Bird
Testing Google's New API Infrastructure - Anthony Vallone
How to Take Unit Testing (and Test-Driving) Seriously - Giorgio Sironi
Data Driven testing with Junit : PART 1 - Basic understanding - Anuj
Considering the Past or Testing and User Experience II - Pete Walen
What I Learned at Test Coach Camp - AST News
Approaches to Testing Modern Web Applications - Stephen Pierzchala
Testing 2.0 - Google Testing


A look into Agile development and testing - Part 1 - Alexi 
Cucumber & Cheese -
The Retrospective Handbook - A guide for agile teams - Patrick Kua
The Planning Poker Prevents Fallacies in Effort Estimates - Michael Stal
Agile Fluency - GeorgeDinwiddie
Agile 2012 Session: Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools Workshop - Craig Smith
Auto'd Acceptance Testing — JBehave & Thucydides - John Smart
10 Deadly Sins of Software Estimation - Steve McConnell
Honey, I Introduced Agile In My Company
BDD to the rescue - Mehdi Khalili
MoreAgile Manifesto


Developer tools to help check web accessibility - Emily Coward
Accessibility considerations: Visual indicators for keyboard navigation - Darren McMillan
Evolution of CSS Layout: 1990s to the Future - Fantasai
Using the HTML5 placeholder attribute - Leonie Watson
Validating code - Matt Lawson
Notes on accessible CSS image sprites -Steve Faulkner
Behavior-Driven Development in Python - Davis Sale


Selenium WebDriver Sporting Event Tribute - Allan Richardson
Introducing mobile browser automation  - Andreas Tolf Tolfsen
A minimal WebDriver based DSL- Allan Richardson
Selenium Best Practices - Stefan


7 Mobile-Presence Mistakes To Avoid - Mobile App
Graham Lee on Application Security, Sandboxing on OS X, Mobile Application Development - Graham Lee
Three Keys to Mobile Application Design – Part 4 Conclusion - Jonathan Kohl
The Android Story - (x)Cube Labs
What are the Most Important and Mature Cross Platform Mobile Tools? - Dio Synodinos


Top 6 security attacks in PHP - Anson Cheung
Database Abstraction and SQL Injection - Lukas Eder


Why Software Development Methodologies Suck - Jez Humble
10 Free Text Editors for Programmers - Michael Dorf
Top 10 Applications to Access Remote Desktop - Admin
5 Free Google Tools Your Office Needs - Admin
Modelling Is Everything -  Nikos Maravitsas
Karen Johnson talks about conferences such as StarWest - Podcast
Send to Kindle for Google Chrome - Kindle
What is Bias? - Michael Larsen
An Introduction to Waterfall - Karl Scotland
Trials and Tribulations of a Test Manager (Part II) - Thomas Ponnet
Thinkers vs. Doers - Micah Baldwin
Why It’s Important to Sketch Before You Wireframe - Anthony