Thursday, 5 May 2011

Favourite Tweeps from STAREAST 2011 Opening day

@michaelbolton : Gojko left the Soviet Secret Service to take on tougher challenges in software development, leaving only a Bond-villain accent. @GojkoAdzic

@michaelbolton : Why are we so quick to judge others' opinions about testers, when we can be awfully quick to do that ourselves? @GojkoAdzic

@lisacrispin : I can't tweet fast enuf to keep up w/ @gojkoadzic but here is a visual.

@michaelbolton: Why are we so quick to judge others' opinions about testers, when we can be awfully quick to do that ourselves? @GojkoAdzic

@lisacrispin :oops I'm not sure what they're advising us to do here but I think my wife would get mad." @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton : @GojkoAdzic shows pie chart of what's in software development. 90% is "mistrust"; 10% "other things"
@lisacrispin : lack of trust leads to lots of bureaucratic change mgt policies – we don’t trust ppl to talk to each other @gojkoadzic

@sdelesie: "We have horrible bureaucratic processes in companies b/c we don't trust people to talk to each other." @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton : @GojkoAdzic Tracing a requirement thru development: elapsed time of one year for 10 minutes of coding; lots of process cruft.

@michaelbolton : Process cruft exists not to make us more productive, but to avoid blame. @GojkoAdzic

@lisacrispin : Independent testing is there so that when you don’t catch the bug, people can blame you. “Alibi Generators” @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton : Elements of process cruft are "alibi generators." @GojkoAdzic

@lisacrispin: Independent testing is there so that when you don’t catch the bug, people can blame you. “Alibi Generators” @gojkoadzic

@lisacrispin: Big bank mission critical project releases every 2 weeks, zero bugs in production. @gojkoadzic has many ex. of fantastic qual.

@lisacrispin: "Don't tell testers how to test" ignores the range of testing knowledge in all team members. Need teaching, learning. @gojkoadzic

@sdelesie: "Why don't we teach people who don't know enough about testing how to do testing better?" @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton :  @GojkoAdzic Why don't testers bother to teach the rest of the organization about testing? Me: Maybe the testers need help too.

@michaelbolton :  I'm somewhat concerned that @GojkoAdzic is referring to tests as something you write, rather than testing as something you do.

@lisacrispin: Writing tests after development doesn’t make any sense. You catch problems just by writing tests. @gojkoadzic

@sdelesie: Change the way you capture tests so other people can give feedback on what you are testing & what is missed. #readable @gojkoadzic

@lisacrispin: @michaelbolton I think @gojkoadzic is talking abt tests that tell us what to code, as opposed to the testing we do after coding

@sdelesie: To deliver software faster, we need to make quality everybody's problem, not just the testers. @gojkoadzic

@lisacrispin: Making quality everybody’s problem is really important today. @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton :  Me: Specification by example is a fine thing to do. Let's make sure that we see that as /only one/ testing approach. @GojkoAdzic

@michaelbolton :  I wish @GojkoAdzic would be specific about what he means by "test automation". I think he means "checked examples".

@lisacrispin: Quality is at the intersection of everyone's problems. @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton :  Me: There are many, many aspects of test automation. To me, it's /any use of tools to support #testing/. @GojkoAdzic

@lisacrispin: I think @gojkoadzic means "Specification by example", but it's a good pt, we need consistent terminology

@lisacrispin: When everyone thinks about quality, and devs do the automation, automation won’t fall behind. @gojkoadzic frees time 4 exp. Testing

@AgileDad : Loving @gojkoadzic keynote presentation at #stareast He presents much like I do. Topic is relevant. Needs more concrete examples.

@lisacrispin: When programmers automate the tests, there is time for testers to do more imp. stuff @gojkoadzic

@sdelesie: When programmers own automation, testers: advise what needs to be tested, critical manual test, other important stuff @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton :  Me: Everyone *already* cares about quality. A more serious problem: they care about their own notion of quality. @GojkoAdzic

@lisacrispin: Examples from Sabre, other co's on how having everyone own quality built trust, solved automation pblms @gojkoadzic

@michaelbolton :   @GojkoAdzic suggests more pairing as way of changing the culture, increasing level of trust. I agree.

@sdelesie: Through collaboration/pairing, you dramatically increase level of trust, which will change the culture. @gojkoadzic

@AgileDad Changing culture is like selling a puppy, sell the pros with a solid return policy. @gojkoadzic

@lisacrispin: Things that are easy to lose: @gojkoadzic

@lisacrispin: @gojkoadzic told story of when a good tester took over testing work from pgmrs, they lost quality culture

@sdelesie: As long as you have "tester" or "qa" titles, others less likely to own quality. Change titles. @gojkoadzic I agree it can help.

@michaelbolton :   Good stuff from @GojkoAdzic: emphasize in order 1) making sure right work gets done; 2) teaching others to do it; 3) doing it.

@lisacrispin: If you do everything urself nobody else knows how to do it. So do this. @gojkoadzic

@sdelesie: Testers: Focus on ensuring the right testing gets done, not just doing all the testing. @gojkoadzic

@lisacrispin: Change the name so testers are ppl who ensure the right testing gets done, not ppl who do all the testing. @gojkoadzic

@sdelesie: Look for @gojkoadzic books, specification by Example, and Bridging the Communication Gap, for more info & case studies.

@jbtestpilot : Many good cultural re-framing ideas from @gojkoadzic

@sdelesie: I've been coaching on most of what @gojkoadzic suggests for years. Awesome! Collaborate, break roles, whole team quality focus.

@michaelbolton :   Me: A language question: why do we need to make quality everyone's /problem/, rather than everyone's /joyful task/? @GojkoAdzic

@dorothygraham : Gojko says automation should be a small part of the work. Buwalda says 5% is max on automation (in stable situation)

@michaelbolton :   @GojkoAdzic doesn't give "an answer" to a questioner's problem, but *offers examples & suggestions that might help*. #Credibility

@lisacrispin: I highly recommend @gojkoadzic's new Specification by Example book. Real life case studies show - you CAN do this.

@gojkoadzic: slides from my  keynote

@michaelbolton : *Measurement* is the art and science of making reliable observations, says @jerryweinberg, and I agree.

More to follow as the conference progresses

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