Monday, 3 October 2011

My Favourite Blogs from September 2011


Game Storming and Testing Rob Lambert
Carnival of Testers #25 Simon Morley
The 10 Minute Test Plan – James Whittaker
What’s Testing Dojo?  - Łukasz Morawski
Software Testing in the Medical DomainRuud Cox, Patrick Duisters & Jurian van de Laar (Testing Experience)
Javascript Testing at Google – Software Testing Magazine
22 Essential Tools for Testing Your Website’s Usability – Jacob Gube
Carnival of Testers #26 – Simon Morley


Scrum Stand-up Worst Practices Agile 2010 Cambridge
Testing as a Whole Team Activity – Elisabeth Hendrickson
Kiss and Fly – Gojko Adzic

Requirements fulfilled – but does it fit for purpose? - Gitte Ottosen

10 years of Agile - the Prophecy of Failure, and the Failure of Prophecy - Liz Keogh

Agile is Not a Silver Bullet – Johanna Rothman

Long term value of acceptance tests – Gojko Adzic (Javazone presentation)

It’s not Testing – Lisa Crispin

Agile And The Art Of Outsourcing - Robert Diana

The Future of Agile Software Development – Michael Dubakov

Switching to Agile Testing, not as simple as changing your t-shirt Joel Montvelisky

ACCUS Day 1 – Lisa Crispin

Is it Time to Stop Estimating User Stories?Todd Charron

Exploratory Testing

Coding QA Podcast on Exploratory Testing (Part 2) – Michael Bolton
Paired Exploratory …..–Peter Schrijver
Context-Driven Testing – Michael Bolton (CAST2011 Keynote)
Testing the Limits With James Bach – Part I -uTest




Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware – Andy Hunt (Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Testing Magazines

Professional Tester – October Issue
Testing Circus Magazine – September Issue
Tea Time With Testers– September Issue


SoCraTes2011– Conference

Best uses for wikis: Collaboration and information sharing – Lisa Crispin

Avoiding Bugs With Smart Product OwnersuTest

Q&A: How an automotive secret can make for better software – Todd Bishop

10 Things a Website Should Never, Ever Do – Kyle Shaeffer

Wopping the pie stack - demonstrating the value in questioning requirements – Adam Knight

Taking on Water – Claire Moss

Continuous integration made simple: Five lessons you won't want to miss – Matt Heusser

At Least Three Good Reasons for Testers to Learn to Program – Michael Bolton

At Least 3 Reasons for Software Testers NOT to Learn to Code – Zachary Spencer

What Counts? – Michael Bolton

Whats Happening with the AAFTT and Entaggle – Elisabeth Hendrickson

Reduce Documentation -charters over test cases – Michael Kelly

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