Thursday, 5 August 2010

Extract from my June and July 2010 tweets -General

·         If you discover a fire, DO NOT USE TWITTER (via @IlIlIIlIlIlIlII)
·         @lisacrispin Big Link " Women in computing: first, get the problem right" by mswatcher (via @DZone)
·         TWST with @nkelln. Watch this funny movie created by Paul Holland: (via @lynn_mckee)
·         Handy Link "How to Create a Web Service in a Matter of Minutes" by mswatcher  (via@DZone)
·         @lisacrispin Big Link "Wordpress 3 and What You Can Do!" by lamnguyen
(via @DZone)
·         My novel First Stringers is now available: Sample pages are available to read @ (via @JerryWeinberg)
·         News:  Microsoft Puts Facebook into Your Outlook (via @StickyMinds)
·         How to Strengthen #Relationships by helping people get to know each other better. @stickyminds (via @NaomiKarten)
·         Interesting survey reported. Developers Still the Most In-Demand IT Workers (via @DZone)
·         Testers think bugs are easy targets and not hard to discover. Don’t forget bugs can camouflage and require ingenuity to hunt them down #dttp
·         Interesting post: Feedback is the Key! (via @DZone) 

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