Thursday, 5 August 2010

Extract from my June and July 2010 tweets - Agile, Kanban, Scrum

  • Agile Testing (A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams) book by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory reviewed  @
  • Agile Experience With Kent McDonald:Using Goals to Prioritize product backlog
  • Ten Weaknesses of the Agile Methodology (via @sara_broca)
  • Interesting article on Agile testing between theory and practice (Agile Record Mag)
  • @esconfs just saw an article on Agile guerilla series "Show (Don't Tell), Persuade (Don't Preach)" @
  • Interesting post: Kanban for Video Game Development #kanban
  • Interesting blog about Agile development and selective implementation of methodologies
  • Nice intro post for Personal Kanban by @janinea (via @ourfounder)
  • Learning together: Kanban and the Twelve Principles of Agile Software by @asplake (via @flowio)
  • Aspects of Kanban by Karl Scotland @ @siraju
  • FREE! Standup tool good for distributed teams. Check it out @
  • 20+ Agile Coaches and Iteration Managers / Scrum Masters needed down under for 6+ months contact Andrew @ (via CITCON)
  • latest presentation from David Anderson on Kanban (via @InfoQ)
  • Agile coach required in Slough initially for 2 weeks (via Linkedin)
  • Integration watch:Agile evolves from XP to lean
  • @mfloryan Fresh from scrum trng  u may be interested in the Post...  Awesome Scrum Intro Video (via @mcottmeyer)
  • @DianaOfPortland: Commented on...RT @mlevison: Great Article from @rwbrown: Adventures in Accelerated Learning http://twurl.n... (via @lisacrispin)
  • Message from Jean Tabaka-Interesting Post...  “Dear Agile”– A Love Letter (via @mcottmeyer)
  •  just took a nice little "How Agile Are You" survey from @scottwambler Plz spread it around (via @JonKernPA)
  • Little blog post (first for a long while!) - What not to test: From @tastapod's latest brainchild... watch this space! (via @lunivore )
  • Presentation:Risk, Lean Development & Profit: Getting Back to Basics (via @InfoQ)
  • Article:Book Excerpt: Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkin (via @InfoQ)

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