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My Favourite Blogs of Last Quarter (April-June 2011)


The Testing Story - Shilpa Venky
What testers Find  - James Bach
More of What Testers Find - Michael Bolton

More of What Testers Find, Part II - Michael Bolton

Putting systems into System Testing - Aaron Hodder

Crash course on Reporting Bugs - Santosh Tuppard

Elevating the role of testing – ethics - Eusebiu Blindu

Testing the Untestable - Utest

Agile Thinking instead of Agile Testing - Joel Montvelisky

Dangerous Test Concepts Exposed  - Alan Richardson

Best online reads of Mar 2011

Carnival of Testers #20

Accessibility: Pairing with a blind consultant - Darren McMillan

Inspectional Testing video - Marcus Gartner

Unexpected Benefits: The Long Term Windfall of Acceptance Testing - Gojko Adzic

Getting on the same page: How testers can help clarify requirements - Lisa Crispin

Which Role does Testing Play in an Agile Development Organisation? - Olaf Lewitz

Acceptance testing (Testing Portal)

How a Good Bug Hunter prioritizes his Bug Hunting Activities in Software Testing?

When Learnability is more Important than Usability? - Michael Wilson

Using UML For Requirements Based System Testing (Part 1) - Chris Chartier)

Testing the Limits With Jakob Nielsen – Part I & II -uTest

Questioning Test Cases, Part 2: Testers Learn, But Test Cases Don’t Teach – Michael Bolton

The SET Career Path - James Whitaker

GTAC 2011: Cloudy with a Chance of Tests - James Whitaker


How Google Tests Software - Part Six - James Whittaker

Code of Silence: When To Keep Your Software Bugs a Secret - Mike Brown

Test faster and more efficiently, is it doable? (Julien Liabeuf)

Which One of These Software Testing Stories is Fake? (Mike Brown)

What Is Risk-Based Testing?  -uTest

Basics Revisited: Test Strategy – Fiona Charles

We Need Some New Categories Of Testing Software For Humans –Tom Grant

Report from Stareast 2011 – Lisa Crispin

Golden Rules of Testing –Ray Claridge

Hidden Mickeys, Hidden Bugs, Hidden Contexts - Shmuel Gershon

Testers are fixing bugs – Trish Khoo

Interview with Michael Bolton (Part 2)

Bug statistics are a waste of time – Gojko Adzic

How are Agile testing and traditional testing different? Interview with George Dinwiddie – Part 1

Testing the Limits With Google’s James Whittaker – Part I

Testing the Limits With Google’s James Whittaker – Part II

Shmuel Gershon on fuzzing and more at STAREAST 2011

SIGiST 21 June 2011 – Stephen Hill
Are you a 99tests tester? – Ajay Balamurgadas
How can estimate my testing? – Alan Richardson
KWST & Possum Testing – Aaron Hodder

The 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors of 2011 – uTest


STAREAST: Agile testing success with Janet Gregory

A letter from the worst Agile Tester in India – Pradeep Soundrarajan

Promoting Double Loop Learning in Retrospectives – Kelly Waters

Some Software Craftsmanship treasures – Markus Gatnaer

Exploratory Testing

Resources on Exploratory Testing, Metrics, and Other Stuff - Michael Bolton

Exploratory Testing is All Around You – Michel Bolton

I’ve Been Framed! –  Michel Bolton

 Immaturity of Maturity Models – James Bach

All Testing is Exploratory – Paul Gerrald



Toolkits  - Adam Brown

10 Best Tools to Compare and Test Website Loading Time

 30 Helpful Wireframe Tools


Automated Acceptance Tests and Requirement traceability - Tomo Popovic

Situation Green - The dangers of using automation to retest bugs –Adam Knight

Using just enough automation to dramatically improve the testing process


Safe From SQL Injection – Think Again – M Rouse

Visualising quality: initial ideas - Gojko Adzic

Educational opportunities for software quality and test professionals – Yvette Francino

Learning from Conferences – Lisa Crispin

Slow and Dirty – A Rant by Jason Gorman at SPA2011  - Mohinder Khosla

An untapped sea of Knowledge – Darren McMillan

Specification by Example

Specification by Example: a love story – Alister Scott

Specification by Example - Allerede medlem

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