Monday, 1 August 2011

My favourite Blogs of July 2011


Do Functional Testers Make Good Usability Testers?  - uTest

Usability Testing Toolkit: Resources, Articles, and Techniques

 If cats were testersAndy Glover
Evolution of a TesterAdam Knight
Testing is in a messPaul Gerrad
How we tested Google instant pages? -  Jason Arbon and Tejas Shah

Testing Dojos from the Back of the RoomMarcus Gärtner

Exploratory Testing

Session Creator  - Sven Finsterwalder
Expressions 2Michael Larsen


How Cadence Predicts Process -  Mary Poppendieck
Done: Beyond CriteriaAdam Knight


Selenium 2.0: Out Now!Official Selenium Blog

Getting started wit Selenium 2.0

Recommendations for Learning JavaScript and CSS SelectorsAlan Richardson

10 Excellent Selenium Testing Resources For You

Can I use Selenium Simplified with Selenium 2?Alan Richardson

How to learn Selenium AutomationAlan Richardson

Using Selenium Simplified Book With Selenium 2.0Alan Richardson

Page Objects PPO FTW!  - Mary Ann May-Pumphrey

Initial Test Points for Getting Your Environment Under Control -  Daniel Ackerson

Open source testing tools for Adobe Flex and AirCharles Humble


Selling the Test Automation Story: Are We Selling the Right Thing?Michael Larsen

Automated Testing is Not QA - Jared Richardson

The Art of Throw-Away Test Automation - Tulin Pledger

Obstacle to AutomationGishu Pillai

Quality Centre must DiePaul carvalho


6 Steps of Algorithmically Estimating Developer Time - Learning Software Develop -  Vic Cherubini 

How to become a tester?Teemu Vesala

The Undefinition of “Done”Michael Bolton

Wisdom and Salt Water


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