Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Favourite August 2011 Testing Blogs


Carnival of Testers #24 – Simon Morley
Taylorism and Testing - Simon Morley
Test Everything! – Jonas John
Ask the tester – Selena Delesie
Titles for Testers – Alan Page
When Testing Fails .. – Shrini Kulkarni


Waterfall Works! – Dave Rooney
Agile Strategy Manifesto – Yogesh Kumar
100% Test Coverage – Uncle Bob
Making the move into Agile Testing –Gerry Coleman (Testing Experience Magazine)

Exploratory Testing

Cast2011 Experience Reoprt – Benjamin Kelly
Exploratory Testing in an Agile Context – Elisabeth Hendrickson
How can I better educate testers about context driven testing? –Software Quality Assurance and Testing


Selenium 2: What is it? – David Burns


Test Design for Automation – Alan Page


Lessons in Software Reliability


More on Waterfall -  PAWEL BRODZINSKI



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