Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Favourite blogs from February Selections

Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – No Double, Triple Testing - Clemens Reijnen

The Problem with Unit Tests - Ayende Rahien

Usability Testing Starter Kit - Brittany Hunter

New to software testing? Read this - Ben Kelly

Software Testing Techniques to Detect Password Vulnerabilities in Software Applications

Tests as Specifications - Jeff Nyman

Testing OSS Applications in Windows Azure: A Few Thoughts - Brian Swan

Exploratory Testing
Testing Dojo - Huib Schoots


This is not a manifesto: Valuing Throughput over Utilisation - Antony Marcano

JMETER-New and Noteworthy - Latest version



Books and Magazines
Testing Circus - February Issue
How Google Tests Software? -James A Whittaker
Testing Experience - February Issue
Tea Time with Testers - February Issue

20 Database Design Best Practices - Çağdaş Başaraner
Cognitive Illusions - John Stevenson

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