Sunday, 1 April 2012

My favourite blogposts from March Selections

Summary of the 10 lessons learned in test automation at eBay - Gilles Mantel
We don’t need validation – we know we’re important - Paul Littlebury
The Automation Dichotomy - Adam Knight

Exploratory Testing
Context Driven Testing is not a Religion - Cem Kaner
Context Driven Testing at a Crossroad - James Bach
There is good from the CDT bad… David Greenlees
Lessons Learned from Context-driven testing - Markus Gartner
Context Differ:Recognising the difference between wrong and wrong ... - Cem Kaner
Context-Driven Testing Crossroads: Addendum - Scott Barber
Is the Context Driven School of Testing - Dead? - Veretax
The Secrets of Faking a Test Project - Jonathan Kohl
Why I record all my test sessions - Geog.Lysen
Metrics, Ethics, & Context-Driven Testing (Part 2) - Cem Kaner
Bit of a gap? - James Lindsay
What’s New in API Testing and Load Testing? soapUI 4.5 and loadUI 2.0 - Niclas Reimertz 

Define Ready and Done - Lithe Speed
ATDD and TDD - Amir Kolsky and Scott Bain
A Look at Planning Poker - Tony Siciliano
Agile Lifecycles for Geographically Distributed Teams - Java Code Geeks
Splitting user stories: the hamburger method - Gojko Adzic
The Role of the Agile Coach - Allan Kelly
Agile User Documentation 
A New Game for Learning Agile - Shane Hastie
Free BDD Coaching - Matt Wynne
A Collection of Agile Resources by J. Sutherland, K. Schwaber, D. Star, M. Lacey, and D. J. Anderson - Abel Avram

#SFSE Video: Stripping Down RemoteWebdriver - Saucelabs
Introducing page-object gem - Cheezy
Selenium Walkthrough Mathew Bukowicz
Get started with Selenium 2 - Sebastiano Armeli-Battana
Latest on WebDriver - Simon Stewart

Software Testing Tools used by ISTQB certified Test Analysts  - Software Genius
Sketches and Digital Wireframes for Web Apps - Jake Rocheleau

Magazines, Books, Podcast and Interviews
What we read? -James Bach
Defining Done -
Buccaneer-Tester: Winning Your Reputation - James Bach
A Conversation with Bob Galen - Jonathan Vanian
QualiTest Exploratory Testing Services
Professional Tester Magazine- March Issue
Original Waterfall Paper - Dr. Royce
Testing Circus - March Issue
Tea-Time with Testers - March Issue

Verizon Data Breach Investigative Report 2012 – Application Security Specific Highlights - Chris Wysopal
OWASP Cheat Sheets - Daniel Moore
Security Testing Checklist for Web Application - Santhosh Tuppad
Top 10 Web Security Controls - OWASP presentation by Jim Manico
IronWASP - OWASP presentation by Manish S Saindane

Gradual Engagement: Putting your users first - Darren McMillan
Introducing the uMentor Program - uTest
30 Free and Premium Business/Corporate Website Templates - DZone
So Much Older Then, Or, What Was Old Is New Now - Pete Walen
Changing the Ground - Fiona Charles
Belgium Visit With Friends and a Wheelchair - Johanna Rothman
California Scraps Massive Courts Software Project - Chris Kanaracus

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