Friday, 15 June 2012

My Fortnightly Blog Selection from June-Part 1

Testability Stories for Agile - Pradeep Soundararajan
Rapid Test Management course mind map - Rob van Steenbergen
First Steps in Unit Testing - Gil Zilberfeld
The Documented Process Trap - Simon Morley
Standards AND best practices in Testing - Petteri Lyytinen
ISO 29119 the new software testing standard – what about it? - James Christie
Thinking Visually - Johan Joanasson
The Latest in Google Test Tools
Breaking the Tyranny of Form - Part 1 - Fiona Charles
You Call That Testing? Really? What is the value in THAT? - Pete walen

Exploratory Testing
The exploratory Testing-The missing half of BDD? - Michael mahlberg 
Comparing love to eight - A response to a blogpost - Pekka Marjamäki
Observation, Inferences and Oracles -David Greenlees
Testing Puzzles - Jari Laakso

BDD in the large - Liz Keogh
BDD is like TDD if… - Dan North
The art of Misdirection  - Dan North
Showcasing the language of BDD - Liz Keogh
BDD in a Nutshell - Rachel Davies
The Kanban Thinking Picture - Karl Scotland

Managing Security Requirements in Agile Projects - Rohit Sethi
Gotcha CAPTCHA? - Parimala Hariprasad

Creating a Shared Mobile Test Lab - Ministry of Testing
Tips for testing on mobile devices - Eusebiu Blindu 

Podcast, Videos, Magazines and Books
Where Do Testing Ideas Come From? -Alan Page Microsoft
Testing Circus Magazine - May Issue
Bettersoftware magazine - May/June Issue
A Regression Testing Framework for Financial Time-Series Databases - Roberto Salama
Coaching video - James Bach
Introduction to Context Specification – Behavior-Driven Development - Philip Japikse
Scrummaster - Roy Osherove @ NDC 2012
Selenium 2 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide - David Burns
Thinking Visually In Software Testing - Alan Richardson (Eurostar)
500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities - Open Culture
Security Testing in Development and QA - psiinon
The Dream Team Nightmare - Portia Tung

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