Thursday, 31 May 2012

My May favourite blogposts Selections

Best Strategies on Automation & Manual Testing Practiced by Software Testing Experts  - Sooftware Testing Genius
Rethinking Regression, Part 1: Hard Lessons - Iain Mcowatt
Regression Testing and Automation - Paul Gerrard
A non-geeky guide to understanding performance measurement terms - Joshua Bixby
To ISTBQ or not to ISTBQ, that is the question … - Mike Talks
On the Redistribution of Testing - Paul Gerrard
Porridge is bad for you! - Pekka Marjamäki
The Skeptical Tester - Fiona Charles
Your Harshest Critic is Your Automated Tests - Garston Tremblay

Business Value of Testing: Find Bugs ≠ Mission - Scott Barber
Testing Roundtable: What Do You Like Most About Testing? - uTest
The Way of Testivus - Alberto Savoia
Experience Report - Online Coaching Software Testers -  AJAY BALAMURUGADAS 
Spot the Difference - using Diffmerge on log files to investigate bugs - Adam Knight
Top 5 PHP Frameworks 2012 - Jhon

Mobile Testing Web - Jamie Saine
Live crash reports for your apps using BugSense - Per Ola SætherWhat Is the Applying the SFDPOT heuristic to mobile testing? - Karen Johnson

Solving the problem isn't the problem - Seth Godin
The Case Against Agile: Ten Perennial Management Objections - Steve Denning
Testing the Big Picture on Agile Teams - Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory
Using the Page Object Pattern with Robot Framework - Tony Sweets
Calmly going where no (wo)man has gone before (or have they?) - Ciaran Neill
BDD is like TDD if ... - Dan North
How To Solve “Not Enough Time” - Gojko Adzic

Exploratory Testing
Context Appropriate Performance Testing at Let’s Test - Christine 
Oracles and The Right Answer - Michael Bolton
The Importance of Worth - John Stevenson
Oracles and The Right Answer - Michael Bolton
What is Exploratory Testing? - Paul Carvalho

LetsTest Conference 2012
Tweets from LetsTest Conference 2012 - Mohinder Khosla
What Is the Secret Sauce that Made Let's Test Such a Great Conference? - Illari Henrik Aegerter 
Let’s Test 2012: Visualisation of tweets - Duncan Nisbet
A Lets TestLab Story - Martin Jansson
You are a scientist- Embracing the Scientific Method in Software Testing - Christin Wiedemann
Presentation Slides and Blog links are now available - Let's Test
Coaching testers talk at Letstest - Anne-Marie Charrett
Let’s Test 2012 – time travel advice - Joep Schuurkes
Let's Test - A personal view - Fiona Charles
Let’s Test 2012: an awesome conference! – Part 1 - Huib Schoots
Let’s Test 2012: an awesome conference! – Part 2 - Huib Schoots
Let’s Test 2012: an awesome conference! – Part 3 - Huib Schoots
Let’s Test 2012: an awesome conference! – Part 4 - Huib Schoots
Enabling Learning Through Social Media – LetsTest 2012 Conference- Mohinder Khosla
Slides of Testing Lessons - Simon Morley
Let's TestLab Story - Martin Jansson
Let’s Test: What I have learned about testing & conferences - Duncan Nisbet
LET’S TEST 2012  - Christin Wiedemann
Thoughts from Let's Test 2012 - Simon Morley
LET’S TEST 2012 - Magnus Wärle
Reflections from Let’s Test – a conference for everyone? - Maria Kedemo
Let's Test Raises the Bar for CONFERences - Scott Barber
What is the secret sauce that made Let's Test such a great conference? - Ilari Aegerter
For those about to rock, we salute you! - Henrik Andersson
Let’s Test – in retrospect - Johan Jonasson

Web Application Security - Ying Zuo
What Medieval Castles Can Teach You About Web Security - Matt Heusser

Podcast, Videos, Photos, Books and Magazines
Test Automation Bazaar - Jari B
UI Sketch: a UI wireframing application created in only... 9 days - Redgate
Michael Bolton – No more Fooling around - Agile Testing Days 2011 
Interview with Sharon Robson on Agile Testing - Shane Hastie
2012 Virtual Conference Presentations - EuroStar
SEI Agile Research Forum - Meeting the Challenges of Large-Scale Systems - SEI
Agile Testing Challenges: Overcoming Quality, Process, and Team Issues - Smartbear
TeaTime with Testers - May Issue
Professional Tester - May Issue
Testing Experience - June Issue

What are some popular myths in software development? - Lee Semel
Alex Russell on Web Browsers and Technologies - Dionysios G. Synodinos

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