Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Popular Blogposts from December 2012 Collection


What is a Agile Mindset? -
Behavior-Driven Development: The Outside-In Approach - Scott Sehlhorst

Exploratory Testing

What is exploratory testing? - Paul
Using SBTM for exploratory testing coverage problems - Michael Kelly (from archive)
Using session-based test management for exploratory testing - Michael Kelly (from archive)
Diversity matters, and here's why - James Lyndsay
Problems and Creativity - John Stevenson

Eurostar Webinar Series

The Evil Tester's Guide to Technical Testing - Alan Richardson
An Introduction to Test Strategy - Rikard Edgren
Live Specifications: From Requirements to Automated Tests and Back - Paul Gerrard


Accessibility considerations: Hidden content and the accessibility tree - Darren Mcmillan


Four reasons you are no longer a testing expert - Erica Lucas
The Bug Myth  - Tobias Mayer
Lessons Learned Testing in a Startup - Adam Knight
Are Bugs Part of Technical Debt? - Jim Bird
Quantifying the Value of Your Testing - Bonnie Bailey
Notable Testing Quotes from 2012 - utest
Are we testing the right things? - Gojko Adzic

Testing Magazines and Videos

LogiGear Magazine - December Issue
Testing Circus - November Issue
Testing Circus - December Issue
Testing Experience - December Issue
JeanAnn Harrison on the Complexity of Mobile Testing
Elizabeth Keogh - NxtGenTesting
Redistribution of Testing: A Brief Summary - Paul Gerrard


Antifragile: how to live in a world we don't understand - Public Lecture
(Two) Too cool years of Moolya - Moolya

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