Tuesday, 6 November 2012

EuroStar 2012 Conference Comes to an End

Thanks to friends at Eurostar for sending links to useful testing resources and pictures. Keep them coming and they will be posted here as they are received. Enjoy the conference!

Thanks Guys!


Touring Heuristic - Michael Kelly
Low tech Dashboard - James Bach
Rapid reporter  - Shmuel Gershon
FEW HICCUPPS - Michael Bolton
Resources on Exploratory Testing, Metrics, and Other Stuff - Michael Bolton
Software Testing Models Freemind Mind map - John Stevenson 
EuroSTAR 2012 Digital Artist -Eurostart Conferences
Wade Davis: Dreams from endangered cultures TED Talk
Three New Testing Heuristics - James Bach
TeamSTAR Diary: Day one at the RAI - Mihai Baiesan
Web of influences - Joep Schuurkes
E-Primer an e-prime checking tool  - Alan Richardson
Photos of the 2th EuroSTAR 2012 day - Test News Online
Re-thinking IT - John Seddon
Dangerous Enthusiasms: E-Government, Computer Failure and Information Systems Development - Recommendation from John Seddon
Unconventional Influences - Slide deck from Alan Richardson Keynote
Unconventional Influences - official slide deck from Alan Richard Keynote
Context Driven Testing
New Resource: Software Testing Tools - STC
Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition - Stephen M. Shapiro
Arjen Poutsma principle - Jean-Paul Varwijk
A testing landscape - Markus Gärtner
Lessons Learned from Testing at Startups - Michael Kelly (EuroStar 2012)
EuroSTAR 2012 Test Lab Team Party Gangnam Style - EuroSTAR
Eurostar 2012 - People - Kristoffer Nordström
Eurostar 2012 - Presenter and track chair - Kristoffer Nordström
Eurostar 2012 - Michael Bolton and RST Penny Game  - Kristoffer Nordström
Eurostar 2012 - Sessions - Kristoffer Nordström
Eurostar '12: Selenium Clinic - Alan Richardson
Experience report EuroSTAR Testlab 2012 - Martin Jansson
EuroSTAR 2012 – A Journey into Innovation - Simon Knight
Photos from Rik Marselis - Rik Marselis
Eurostar 2012 Outputs - Alan Richardson
'The List' Unconventional Influences - Eurostar 2012- Alan Richardson
Three Days of EuroSTAR - Andreas Faes
Seven Questions - Jean-Paul Vavijk
The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking (book) - Recommendation byAlan Page

EuroSTAR 2012 Test Lab Team Party Gangnam Style!!!

Party Time



Opening Cermony
Let the Fun Begin
Dramatic Entry on a bike


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