Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My favourite blogposts from April Selections

Testing, Automation, Test Automation, Automated Checking - Eusebiu Blindu
Testing Bliss - Claire Moss
An Insight to Six Principles of Testing Prescribed by Software Testing Experts - Software Testing Genius 
Issues about Metrics About Bugs - Michael Bolton
There Is No “Test Phase” - Jeff Nyman
Testing like the TSA - 37signals
Test and Verification in Scrum - Anders Abel
Testing Domain-specific languages - Lennart Cats
Test Coverage - Martin Fowler
Theses and Dissertations About Software Testing - Cem Kaner
Stop Mocking, Start Testing - DZone
Strategies For Speeding Up Or Scaling Tests - Jeffrey Fredrick
CI 101 How To Start - Jeffrey Fredrick
The Testing Curve Joep Schuurkes
A Trio of WTFs Iain McCowatt
Exploratory test design with Paul Carvalho Yvette Francino 
Scripted testing vs exploratory testing approach - Martin Jansson
Heuristics for Understanding Heuristics - Michael Bolton
Some thoughts after attending the ‘Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing’ workshop - Joep Schuurkes
Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams - John Turner
It always takes longer! (part 2) - James Christie
Thoughts on Infrastructructure, Technical Debt, and Automated Test Framework - Johanna Rothman
Testing in Twos - Lisa Crispin
Rapid Lifecycle Development in an Agile Context - Robert Nord 
Agile Testing Quadrants Explained - Ruby Tester
Why is Estimating so Hard? - Bob Martin
How We Use Cucumber 
Introducing BDD - Dan North
Specification by Example is not Enough -Paul Gerrard

Drilling Down Into Agile Success Factors - Christopher Goldsbury
Retrospectives: A Bit of Ceremony Can Be Useful - Aino Corry
Test Pyramid - Martin Fowler
CAPTCHA-less Security - Karl Groves
What is SQL Injection? - Kusum
 Worst security questions… ever  -Alister Scott
Automation, Tools and Tips
The Tools/Commands/Tips I use - Part 1 - AJAY BALAMURUGADAS
Foreign Exchanges - Jon Bach
Test automation: Exploring automation case studies in Agile development - SSQ
Taking Automated Tests Off The Pedestal - Michael Feathers
Best Javascript tools - Imediava
Not One Problem - Why We Shouldn't treat Test Automation as a Solution Delivery Project - Adam Knight
Netflix to Open Source “Monkey” Website Fault Testing Tools - Ron Miller
More than Automation - Matt Wynne
Massively Continuous Integration From 3 days to 30 minutes - AtTask
One Step at a Time - Anand Ramdeo
Teaching a Robot to Play Angry Birds - Jason Huggins
SeleniumConf came to London! - Shashi Kant
Videos, Podcasts and Books
Videos and Photos from Testbash Event - Ministry of Testing
10 Best Free Ruby eBooks for Beginners - Vikas
Selenium Conference 2012 Videos
Low-tech Tools for the Thinking Tester - Paul Carvalho
HOW I CHOOSE CONFERENCES - Christine Wiedemann
10 Best Way to Analyze Your Website - Vikas
Free Form Data Organization - Spreadsheet mindmapper
Designing a Mobile App? Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes - Ryan Matzner
Problems with Problems - Michael Bolton
Why Developers Keep Making Bad Technology Choices - Carey Flichel
The Greatest Developer Fallacy Or The Wisest Words You’ll Ever Hear? - Java Code Geek
State Machines and Business Users - Greg Young
The Line Between Insanity and Genius: Where Do You Draw Yours? - Doughlas Rathborne
I am the Queen of Defocus - Anne-Marie Charrett
8 Tips For Becoming a Dedicated Tester - Jamie Saine
5 Myths of Software Testing - uTest

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